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James Marais

My name is James Marais. I am thirty-seven years of age and was born on the 18 December 1972 in Port Shepstone, Kwazulu Natal. I've been an Elvis Presley fan since the day I could talk. My father had one Elvis Presley record and that's all I heard day in and day out because he was a big fan himself. For many years I have been performing for my family and friends. After leaving school I had a few jobs, but was never happy. I wanted to be an entertainer. At the time I could sing and dance very well, but not having a band to back me, good backing tracks, outfits and decent equipment, I was unable to pursue my dream.

Living in Durban, I needed to make ends meet and therefore joined an exotic male dance group called the Wild Boys. Here was an opportunity for me to utilize my dance and singing abilities in a group show and get exposure in the entertainment field. After a few years of dancing for the Wild Boys, the group broke up and I left for Cape Town and started my own group. After a few years in Cape Town, I could finally afford decent backing tracks, outfits and sound equipment to be able to pursue my long last passion. I've been an entertainer for 17 years, dancing and singing all over South Africa.

I have been doing Elvis tribute shows for theatre, casinos, weddings, clubs, private functions and so on… I can do all three eras of Elvis, fifties, sixties and seventies. I have a live band and can use backing tracks too. I do tribute to lots of other artists too and can provide a nice mix show for any kind of function with sexy female dancers and singers.

I have a successfully produced a few of my own productions and doing Grand West Casino again this year. I'm never to old too learn and my goal is to see more of the world, work with other great artists and releasing my own cd. ( Have written 50 of my own songs )

I do a show at Guzzlers in Cape Town, Milnerton most Sundays at 3pm and Thursdays nights at 8pm. The casino Elvis production is running from 1 December till 15 January - Wednesdays to a Saturday.

Elvis Presley was a great entertainer and I would love to continue his legacy. He is the reason why I am what I am today. Living my dream. Long live the King!

James Marais Cell: 072 893 3265
Tel:021-987 7087

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